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Background of YFIN

Youth Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Nepal (YFIN) is an autonomous and politically non-partisan, national level common and umbrella organization of Adivasi Janajati (Indigenous Nationalities) specific youth's organizations established in 1999. The multiple roles that Nepalese indigenous youth play contribute to maintain preserve and promote the distinct identity of Indigenous peoples. Their language and cultural skills, traditional knowledge in management of community and resources are distinct.

Laws, policies and practices highly marginalize, exclude, deprive, and discriminate indigenous youth. Despite of this fact, indigenous youth retain some or all knowledge, skill, culture, energetic role and traditional institution as well. YFIN is a common and representative organization of indigenous peoples of Nepalese Youths. It was duly registered with the government in 2011 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in 2011 with the aim of ensuring right to participate in all state structures with their distinct identity. Presently, 42 national level independent indigenous communities of youth organizations are affiliated under this umbrella organization the member organizations are widely distributed throughout the Terai, Hills and Himalayas of Nepal and YFIN’s activities are mainly concentrated in 45 districts of Nepal.

In Nepal, Adivasi Janajati Youths have bitter experiences of inherent structural patriarchy and dominated political systems. Social exclusion based on age factor has for centuries been an important part of the Nepali milieu. Similarly, social exclusion based on ethnicity has been another reality in Nepal. Thus, Indigenous Nationalities Youth face social exclusion not only because of them being youth, but also because of their ethnicity. Youth comprise 45 percent out of which 35.1 percent are Adivasi Janajati youth. It is a fact that the state has not recognized the "identity" of Adivasi Janajati youth, deprived them from policy making processes and has been including them under the general term "Nepali youth"_ In addition, Adivasi Janajati Youths are marginalized and excluded from the mainstream of national development- Adivasi Janajati Youth suffer from triple forms of discrimination, First for being youth, Secondly for being Adivasi Janajati and Thirdly for being Adivasi Janajati youth.  




A society with prosperity, equality, inclusion, Indigenous rights, human rights and social justice. 








To ensure the rights of Indigenous Nationalities in the new constitution of Nepal and create a significant youth for promotion, protection and implementation of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights through capacity building and advocacy. 


  • To empower and enhance the capacity of youth and conduct policy advocacy for ensuring economic, social, cultural and political rights of Indigenous Nationalities youth.
  • To establish resource center for capacity enhancement of indigenous community institutional group and stakeholders.
  • To advocate for ethnic, language and historical identity based federalism with self-governance, right to self-determination, ILO-169 and proportionate representation of Indigenous Nationalities in the every level and aspects of nation.

  • To develop unity for youth of Indigenous Nationalities and fraternity among them.
  • To develop leadership and assist capacity building for youth of Indigenous Nationalities by coordinating with their organizations.
  • To preserve and promotion of language, literature, script, religion, culture and education of Indigenous Nationalities and assist to acquire their rights.
  • Lobby for special affirmative action for the development of the Indigenous Nationalities who are severely marginalized and are on the verge of extinction.
  • To established the true social harmony and tolerance and endeavor in the unity building of the nation.
  • To raise voice for solidarity against discriminations based on race, origin, ethnicity, language, religion, age factor and gender and promote international fraternity.
  • Lobby with the government for the compliance and implementation of ILO Convention No. 169, Universal Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights including United Nation Declaration of Human Rights and other instruments.
  • To unite entire Indigenous Nationalities youth organization under the federation for their reorganization and representation in the decision making. 
  • To Create strong pressure for Indigenous Nationalities youth leadership and Participatory participation in the policy making process.
  • To mobilize Indigenous Nationalities community youth organizations for sustainable   development, peace, social harmony and economic prosperity.   


Focus Area:
  • Lobbing, Advocacy for Indigenous Nationalities Rights.
  • Indigenous Nationalities Youth Campaigning for Prosperity of Nation.
  • Indigenous Nationalities Youth Empowerment.
  • Self-Entrepreneurs of Youths through skill development.
  • Campaigning the Identity base Rights (like as; Language, Culture, Natural Resources)
  • Lobbing for Equity, equality and inclusion. 




YFIN Nepal 

Central Office, Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No: 0977-1-4770309 

E-mail ID: yfin.nepal@gmail.com 

Web: www.yfin.org.np



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